Thursday, 9 December 2010

Red alert

Hello again! Nice to be out and about. Heheh.

Okay. Right. Things are not going to plan. In fact the plans are pretty much scrapped already. Here I am, mentally chucking them in the bin.

Now, the being I'm up against, lets call him the Godfather, for two reasons:

  1. The more familiar Yankee name is like something out of a comic book. For homosexuals.
  2. He always reminded me of some Made Man. I love gangster films.

is moving a Hells of a lot faster than I thought he would, or can really handle. See, I thought he'd be older and weaker now, and I thought since he picked on kids, he was actually quite low on the old supernatural totem pole.

But he's changed. Theres just so much more of him now than there ever was. He's already effecting the prick's dreams. The scary thing is I don't know where I was when he had that operation dream. As in, I didn't live until it was over, I was just gone.

Heheh. I'll must have to make new plans!

Oh and as a nice bit of slice of life, I bought some new clothes, got a haircut and shaved for the first time today. Didn't do a bad job of it either. No point keeping the loser in the dark any more I guess. This isn't how this story was supposed to go.

He is controlling the God damn weather.

Hang on, hang on. I'm not giving up that easily. I don't think I can. So wait, right, I'm going to post again later, there is something I can show you.


  1. You're pretty funny when you get going. :D Okay so one thing, whats your name? :U

  2. Hm, didn't I say? Theres a whole dream named after me you know.

  3. In a weird twist of fate, I seem to have had a dream about you.

    Well, you were in it anyway. I don't remember what has happening, but I remember thinking "Hey, isn't that Square over there?"

    I couldn't get "you" to talk to me though.

  4. If I was to hitch a ride on the crazy train for a moment I guess I could of been out of my mind completely, and stuck in yours for a while. Heh.

    How did you know it was me? Was it the eyes?

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  7. It was one of those things in a dream where you just know.

    Now I don't even really remember what I thought "you" looked like anyway.

  8. so what IS your name? Is it Square, or ROSE?

  9. We're there Will, after a fashion.

  10. Are you still here now?