Friday, 3 December 2010

How did he do?

Did you miss me? I'm missing you lot already.

I'm not back yet, this blog just has a real life-saver of a feature. Posts set to a timer that turn up whenever you want! It's like magic.

Anyway, I can't get back out yet, but please post here and I'll reply next time, okay? I have something I'd like you to do, nothing major:

Rate his performance! I want you to rate how well you think he did out of five. One being terrible, five being absolutely fandabidozi.

If the final score reaches twenty-five something special will happen! I highly doubt he's worth that much.

Oh and you may be wondering why he can't see my posts, its simple really. A lot of the Shacklers in here gave themselves the job of editing. They're a bit stretched at the moment.

But its not like they have anything better to do.


  1. I'd give him at least a three. How exactly did you want him to react?

  2. I'll vote 5.

    I wanna see something special.

  3. I'll say 3. Shoulda got his gun out! At you! Yeah!