Friday, 3 December 2010

6. Running

A thunderous series of crashes. The hooves of some dangerous beast. I turn to see frictionless ebon wall betwixt myself and the gaining other. Hurriedly I appraised what lay before me, to each side towering walls, behind me a dead end and in front, twenty or so metres away, an angled corner leading elsewhere. I had but a singular choice.

It bursted forth with such frenzy the wall entire shattered like, no, was ice. I was there only moments ago thus felt a rush of adrenaline as I turned another corner. I was dogged by increasingly icy floor as I ran, causing strain to my ankles and slowing me down considerably, to the point where it was not just slippery, but rather was like moving over perfectly level shimmering glass.

I could hear the beast's heavy, steaming breaths as a I piston'd my legs with all their strength, as if it was all at once far away and next to my cheek. I heard it's berserker stampede echo across the tundric maze. I had no hope of losing the beast, why it had not pounced upon me already was a mystery.


I came to a cross roads and elected the left passage way; a woeful mistake, I began to slide down a pitched incline. I spun myself onto my hands and knees to try and climb back, to chance some other route, but to no avail. My white-blue hands began to freeze to the slope, until I rest half way.


A sickening feeling held my stomach. I thought I would die like this. Even in the face of such surreal geography, not once did I feel this was a dream. The totality of my end was oppressive. I waited for days (I knew this by the low glow of light that came and went). I peered as best I could at the sky as the ice began to grow; the stars seemed to move in shoals. 


Someone began to saunter towards the slope. I could not see who at first as they edged closer, they took their time to avoid the same fate. This person was covered in feathers…in still living sea birds. Each of them white with grey markings, young chicks froze to death at her bound feet, some repeatedly swapped roosting places, as if emitting binary code. A majestic albatross flapped between her shoulder blades- absurd angel wings. Her eyes were covered, yet I could still see them, or perhaps remembered them; this was the creature from my dream on the stair. Do not ask me how.

My voice was an empty shell of a thing, as if it came only after my lips had stopped. I called out to it, to her, 

"If you had spoken to me before, I would not have attempted to harm you. If you can speak, please do. I hope you are quite alright.", the air seemed to lock between us, as if that too was frozen, "Can you help me, please?"

She screamed, reaching a note far beyond what an ordinary man can hear, until it became not sound but a force that lifted my torso from the ice. A spear of black ice fell and sliced through my shoulder. I must of cried out, but I could hear nothing. More shards fell. I felt as if every atom in the vicinity was vibrating. Then slope and the walls around it shattered into tiny fragments.

I was driven into a snowdrift far away. In the distance I saw the woman's birds leave her… until there was no one standing there at all. I mouthed a thank you, unsure if I owed one. I rose bloodied, staggering numbly, and tried to find a landmark to gauge my location. I took a step and was halted. I was still in the maze, but now the walls were not visible to the naked eye. 


Much closer than I desired the beast trod, it was not facing me, but I knew it would find the right path, it made no mistakes as it turned corners and clambered over invisible obstacles. I was near panic, it had no need to follow the path, as soon as it wished it could barge straight through. I dragged my gaze from it just long enough to search for a goal. An exit. Which I did indeed find, a distant white gate, a speck on the horizon.

I willed myself to run again. I could not raise my arm to touch the walls, so, shoulder against the it I moved with purpose. The beast continued to meander towards me. 

Anger frothed within me, anger I have not expressed in dream or waking. For all the animosity speaking seemed to bring me, I spoke to the beast, just a hoarse whisper, it was all I could manage,

"What right do y-"

The walls moved like a savannah heat wave and rose skyward. Thunder rolled. The beast lay his hands upon my jawline, lifting me with ease.

"I hate you. You are the cause of all my problems. Because of you I'm trapped and I'd like to get out. Will that suffice?", the beast spoke quickly, spitting the words. He turned his head and eyed me, looking for a response.

I may have sworn at him. I reached for a…a something to fend him off with, close to my breast, beneath my shirt.

He laughed then, his head turned up. His grip tightened sharply. Tightened until his hands past through my skin. I was melting. I felt my flesh drop to into the muddied shush of earth like well cooked meat.

I'm sure the beast spoke to me again, he was looking at the white gate. He plucked it and put it in his pocket. 

For all intents and purposes I was dying. I felt myself drifting in congealed grunge of the the ground. I closed my eyes.


I awoke with a start, chest pounding. My right hand was dug firmly into my chin, which took some effort to remove. Only one of the nails has caused bleeding, do not worry. 

I was laid across my sofa in my living room, directly facing the long window, curtains set apart. I can barely believe I would do such a thing, so I promptly drew them (I did not want passers by to see me in yesterday's clothes, as you can well understand). Sleep walking is now a problem for me.

I did not wish to tell you of this dream, as it was frightful, but I felt I needed to make up for not writing an entry yesterday. I was very busy at work, I hope you can except that, this once.

While the snow seems to be clearing (at least on my road), it is very cold, so I think I shall stay at home today.


  1. D: to everything. D: to weird bird lady.

    and umm, your gun! Thats what you were trying to get! Use it next time!

    as for the other guy, you're not the good guy at all. D:

  2. Wait wait thats not how this works is it...

    can *you* except that you were at work all day? What do you do anyway?

  3. Friend, (or are these comments separate?) I find you baffling. Perhaps this is not your mother tongue? Still, I will do my best to sift your comments for nuggets of information.

    I am hesitant to even imagined violence, but you are right, these dreams are wholly my own subconscious' doing, I should have a firmer grip on what goes on in them.

    My work is not of your business, however I will say it involves antiques. It is very important to me, so as to divert me from other tasks if needs must.