Monday, 6 December 2010

A strange moment

When I came back from a forest hike yesterday my entire street was frozen. No one could start their vehicles and one poor man's porch window had cracked from the sudden drop in temperature. There was no snow however, not even on the rooftops.

As I came towards my house I noted my other neighbour (a large black woman I have never spoken to) was trying to open her front door. It would not budge, it was frozen at the hinges and all around the edge.

Her eyes were wide and she was shouting (she is very loud). I managed to stamp the ice from her door and help her open it.

She asked me why she should want to leave her house so abruptly; I of course did not know. After a moments pause she laughed, it should be a very nice laugh, perhaps a warm laugh, but I do not like to hear laughing very much so I went home.

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