Tuesday, 7 December 2010

9. Airship

The captain of the ship grabbed me by the shoulder and squeezed it (I do not like physically contact) and lead me to the wheel of his ship. No one was holding it, it just rocked from side to side. The captain was dressed in an amalgamation of various military uniforms. Japanese trench-coat with RAF markings. Green, almost toy-like helmet. American desert warfare pants and boots.

He told me that that things were not going as planned, that the enemy had moved much more quickly than he anticipated, but he had plans to rectify it. He seemed uneasy even as he smiled and patted my back.


The captain called to his first mate, a young man that may well of been his brother, this fellow opened a door and whistled for me to follow him. He wore a well pressed cadet uniform. I walked with the young man in silence. Wordlessly he put his hand into my pocket and left something there. He grinned...I could of swore he was wearing lip stick. After ten minutes or so we came to what I took to be the engine room.


Inside many shadows flittered over the walls. I soon realised these shades were alive. Though the crew were as ghosts, if one looked closely, as I did, they had the faces of painted dolls. Very old dolls, of porcelain. One even seemed to mouth "ma-ma", as one might expect from a doll.

I turned to the first mate, she was gone. I slowly made my way through the engine room, trying my level best not to interfere with the work of these spirits. They seemed to move in preset patterns, creating dark hieroglyphs across rusty gears and cogs.

I came across an open window and almost without thought I clambered out and onto a wing of the ship. I gazed at it in awe, it was like a cruise ship, but streamlined for flight, with many wings and was completely coal black. I felt the wind on my face and reached out to touch clouds.

Then I became aware of the altitude and my legs buckled. I skidded along the wing and almost plummeted to my death.


I climbed back through the window, almost becoming stuck half way. It must have altered size.

I arrived back at the wheel room, rather than the engine room. The captain held his first mate in the air and shuck him violently, his face red. His eyes fiery. He turned to me and snarled, a trap door opened beneath me. As I fell I thought I heard a bicycle bell.

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