Thursday, 2 December 2010

Be a Guide

Can you believe he doesn't own a piece of bloody paper? No pencils or pens either. Had to borrow them from my stalwart ally, Dead-Cat-Man. Also no camera, recorder, phone or window that isn't covered. For what he is, he's good at it.

Luckily his laptop has a webcam built in, much to his surprise, so I've got this at least until he "accidentally" breaks it.

This is a very rough draft of what you've seen so far of our playground plus a couple of things I thought you might like to know. Oh, I got rid of that boring bridge scenario, thats what happens when I don't pay attention to him. He's not allowed to build. But what I'd really like is some audience participation, well you know, the four and a bit of you that care.

What will tonight bring?
Let him find his way?        He will choose the easy way.
Throw him in at the deep end?
Or shallow?


  1. I am a bit! I say let him find his own way. ;3

  2. Huh, you think? Did I mention he's a prick?

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    2 - 0 votes.
    3 - 0 votes.

  3. Throw him in at the shallow end.

  4. The hard way. Make him work for it.

  5. Thank you very much! I hope someone else turns up soon though or I'll just have to try and stretch him out...

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    You're too nice Hosozukuri, but that can never be a bad thing, I suppose.

    Good lad Reilly, just what I need and he deserves.

  6. 1 - 1 vote.
    2 - 2 vote.
    3 - 1 votes.

    Thanks for voting Razputine, I'm glad people can tell I'm the good guy. I thought I was going to have to fight to get people to understand how much of waste of space he is.

  7. I'd say hard way, but I'm officially freaking lost as to what is going on here.

  8. 1 - 1 vote.
    2 - 3 votes.
    3 - 1 vote.

    I'm sorry you're getting lost Kiki_zeh_Fox, I really am. You see one of us is a little socially stunted, and I was made to make mazes, so I imagine it is hard to understand.

    You just gave me the go ahead to give the one that writes in purple prose an awful nightmare. I like feeling validated!

  9. Personal thought: through struggle you shall succeed, and truly appreciate the success.

    Good luck,
    Raz P.

  10. What...

    Trying to make him a better man or something?

    He isn't even half a man.

  11. ...I believe that you may have information pertaining to my dreams as of late...